About Us

About us

Baturo Brothers Entertainment is a DJ, lighting, entertainment, and event production company managed by three brothers who primarily service the tri-state area with the utmost easy, upbeat, and professional service for any joyous event. We believe that music is the essence of creating an uplifting atmosphere for any joyous occasion. That is why we place a strong emphasis on ensuring our team not only makes events possible, but also memorable.

A true passionate DJ is an impeccable piece of art that needs to be served in-sync to an anticipated audience. Our primary artist, DJ Baturo has been performing at a variety of diverse events and rocking dance-floors for nearly 10 years. We incorporate our strong musical judgment, years of entertainment experience, high-end equipment, and optional instrumental players to turn any event into a lively engaging occasion for you and your guests. 


We have a well-organized library that contains tens of thousands of songs. Before each event, DJ Baturo prepares the appropriate playlists along with syncing in with what the crowd wants to hear. With our extensive music library we can handle music requests instantly and play the right songs and hits that will get the crowd going. DJ Baturo’s knowledge of producing & music editing allows us to offer custom made mixes for special moments like the bride and grooms grand entrance, ceremony and etc. You also have the option to send us music prior to the event that you wish to be heard. For additional spice, our professional instrument players will fill more rhythm and beats over the DJ’s music, which in combination will deliver the ultimate musical experience.

Lighting Effects

View Some of our lighting

There are many ways to turn any venue into a room with the right energy. We offer a large variety of lighting that can suit virtually any budget. Our most popular way to enhance the appearance of the room is using our Wall Wash Lights. We set up wireless LED lights on the floor pointing to the walls to have the room illuminate in themed colors. The lights around the room can be manually controlled and can even dance with the music! 

With regard to the dancefloor, Our favorite high-end light falls under the category of “Intelligent lighting” also known as “Moving Heads”. Since it’s capable of being manually controlled, has an extravagant appearance, and it delivers bright eye-catching light visuals, shapes and movement. Our simple dance floor lighting are commonly used for smaller events that just want to fill the dance-floor with lights.

For a higher visual experience, We offer indoor sparklers, Confetti Machines, Fog Machines, Laser lighting, LED Video Walls, TV screens, and visuals that project on ceilings and/or walls. Depending on what you want, we can include a Video DJ to control and display about anything!


In addition to providing talented DJs and musicians, extraordinary lighting, and remarkable visuals, we also teamed up with many professional vendors to give you top quality service for less planning and more saving. Choose our add-on services such as Photographers, Videographers, variety of Photobooths, MC’s, Dancers, and more. We also offer free guidance and advice with planning, organizing, and performing your event. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have over 80,000 songs and the music library constantly gets updated. The genres that DJ Baturo alone mainly specializes in are: Jewish/Israeli Music, Top 40’s, Electronic Dance Music, Pop, 80’s & 90’s, Hip-Hop and a variety of international music. Upon request DJ Baturo is flexible with other genres as well.

If you want the other genres to be emphasized for the event, thats no problem.
We work well with many DJ’s that specialize in specific genres of music, so you can even end up having 2 DJs perform at your event back to back at no additional cost.

Event details and music requests are best to give it as early as possible.
Minimum 1-2 weeks before the event. If changes of the event details are changed the day of, don’t worry, we will adjust accordingly.

In regards to taking music requests from guest, Yes, we put every effort to make everyone happy. Although, it is possible that the DJ won’t accept a request from a guest if the DJ is certain it won’t work well for the atmosphere/dancefloor.

If you want to take the entertainment to the next level it’s best to have the division of an MC and a DJ separately. The MC will put in more focus, passion, and interaction with the guests, while the DJ will put in his focus on music selection, mixing, volume level, crowd reading, and more.

As much as we plan something, unexpected situations are bound to occur. At the very worst case scenario, if the DJ can’t make it to your event we work well with many professional DJs who can takeover. We will update the new DJ on what to do for your event so that you don’t have to stress out about it.

To ensure availabilty, its ideal to book us as early as possible.
After we discuss about the event and services, you will receive an agreement form of the information, and price. As soon as you sign it and give us a deposit, we will officially book the date.

Yes and No
We have videos on our Youtube Channel and Facebook Page and if that’s not enough, we have more videos to show in person.
As far as music goes, to get a genuine understanding of the music is best to hear it in person. DJ Baturo can meet with you a couple of times prior to the event to go over music, services, and schedule.

The owner, Mike Baturo has been performing at events since 2010. Within these years Mike made his priority to constantly expand the business
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