Frequently Asked Questions

We have over 80,000 songs and the music library constantly gets updated. The genres that DJ Baturo alone mainly specializes in are: Jewish/Israeli Music, Top 40’s, Electronic Dance Music, Pop, 80’s & 90’s, Hip-Hop and a variety of international music such as Bucharian, Persian, Arabic, Russian, Kavkazi, Israeli, Moroccan, and Spanish music . Upon request DJ Baturo is flexible with other genres as well.

If you want the other genres to be emphasized for the event, that’s no problem.
We work well with many DJ’s that specialize in specific genres of music, so we can provide you a well qualifying DJ and handle the production and entertainment. 

Event details and music requests are best to give it as early as possible.
Minimum 1 week before the event. If changes of the event details are changed the day of, don’t worry, we will adjust accordingly.

In regards to taking music requests from guest, Yes, we put every effort to make everyone happy. Although, it is possible that the DJ won’t accept a request from a guest if the DJ is certain it won’t work well for the atmosphere/dancefloor.

If you want to take the entertainment to the next level it’s best to have the division of an MC and a DJ separately. The MC will put in more focus, passion, and interaction with the guests, while the DJ will put in his focus on music selection, mixing, volume level, crowd reading, and more.

As much as we plan something, unexpected situations are bound to occur. At the very worst case scenario, if the DJ can’t make it to your event we work well with many professional DJs who can takeover. We will update the new DJ on what to do for your event so that you don’t have to stress out about it. 

To ensure availability, its ideal to book us as early as possible.
After we discuss about the event and services, you will receive an agreement form of the information, and price. As soon as you give us a deposit, we will officially book the date.

Yes and No
We have videos on our Youtube Channel and Facebook Page and if that’s not enough, we have more videos to show in person.
As far as music goes, to get a genuine understanding of the music is best to hear it in person. DJ Baturo can meet with you a couple of times prior to the event to go over music, services, and schedule.

The owner, Mike Baturo has been performing at events since 2009. Within these years Mike made his priority to constantly expand the business and perfect his talent.

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