What our clients shared

positive review He was the DJ by my wedding last February and I couldn’t be happier with his performance he did exactly what I asked and was very understanding of what type of music I wanted and he made my wedding, if you want an amazing DJ this is ur guy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara Emily Avatar
Sara Emily

Baturo Brothers Entertainment was so accommodating to my requests. He was playing music until the very end of the party and took any request from the guests as well. People were on the dance floor all night due to his high quality choice of music and sound system. He was very responsive before, during and after booking and was on time. I highly recommend anyone who needs a great dj to use his company. 10/10!!! I would use him again for a future event. Thank you for making my party amazing!

Varda Amar Avatar
Varda Amar

I have been to many many many weddings , bar mitzvahs , and other parties in my life. NOT ONE OF THEM CAN COMPARE TO WHAT BATURO BROTHERS ENTERTAINMENT WILL DO FOR YOUR EVENT THEY ARE AWSOME. I hired Baturo brothers entertainment for my wedding and they were the reason my wedding was incredible. They knew at what moment to have what songs and how to merge them with other songs. They had a perfect mix of music to play at every second. Every moment of my wedding has perfect music thanks to them. Not to mention they are some of kindest most professional people you will ever deal with. I highly recommend using this trustworthy DJ for any event.

Yoni Leykin Avatar
Yoni Leykin

DJ Baturo is amazing!!! DJ and his crew made our wedding day into the most amazing party ever! It was beyond perfect! They rocked our party, we danced for 5 hours straight. 5 stars is not enough, if I could give you 20 stars on here, I would. Thank you guys so much for such a memorable day!

Irina F. Avatar
Irina F.

It was a pleasure to work with Mike Baturo. He exceed all of our expectations. He was professional and kept the party alive the entire time. His selection appealed to the wide variety of musical tastes and guests age. Everyone had such a great time. Highly recommend him and looking forward to working with him again in the future.

Liana Mordakhai Avatar
Liana Mordakhai

positive review Me as a DJ myself, I chose Dj Mike Baturo for my brothers Bar Mitzva. After knowing him as my friend for years and watching him preform at various events, I must say Baturo is the way to go! His passion for music and love for what he does will not let you down!!! Baturo all the way. Don’t think twice.

Eli Arshadnia Avatar
Eli Arshadnia

positive review Great DJ by far !!!! Always has some new tricks to keep you wondering whats next !!

Gurion Migirov Avatar
Gurion Migirov

positive review High Volume Productions is beyond amazing ! A party can’t be great without good music and let me tell you the music was off the hook!! Joshua and Mike Baturo have great remixes and amazing spins to popular songs . With the Baturo brothers touch to the music it is bound to be great and keep everyone on the dance floor. They are full of energy and good vibes! Cousins bar mitzvah was a hit ! with High Volume Productions the roof is bound to be brought down ! ����

Deanna Poltiyelova Avatar
Deanna Poltiyelova

positive review DJ Baturo has been performing at many of our events for the last couple of years and we highly recommend!

Uriel Vigler Avatar
Uriel Vigler

positive review DJ Baturo…..5 star rating all the way! Spinning away my engagement party all the way through my wedding night! The absolute best! Recommend him and only him. DJ BATURO!!!!

Peter S. Fradman Avatar
Peter S. Fradman

I have been to many many many weddings , bar mitzvahs , and other parties in my life. NOT ONE OF THEM CAN COMPARE TO WHAT BATURO BROTHERS ENTERTAINMENT WILL DO FOR YOUR EVENT THEY ARE AWSOME. I hired Baturo brothers entertainment for my wedding and they were the reason my wedding was incredible. They knew at what moment to have what songs and how to merge them with other songs. They had a perfect mix of music to play at every second. Every moment of my wedding has perfect music thanks to them. Not to mention they are some of kindest most professional people you will ever deal with. I highly recommend using this trustworthy DJ for any event.

jonah Avatar

DJ Baturo was such a pleasure to work with! He was so patient with us and he made sure that we had an amazing experience. He walked us throughout the whole process and made it seem as if the bat mitzvah was for his own children. He was very professional and knew how to cater to the crowd. Our guests commented afterwards on how they loved the music, MC and saxophone player. It was truly a great experience and a beautiful show. I highly recommend him. Thank you!!

Rachel Rubin Avatar
Rachel Rubin

positive review Gave me the time of my life for my engagment party and my best friends wedding thank you i owe u some of my greatest nights

Chaim Grush Avatar
Chaim Grush

Thank you for playing the proper music and providing an amazing photo booth for my guests! Highlight of the party!

Diana Mirz Avatar
Diana Mirz

positive review Everyone loved the music. He played requests and was very easy to work with.

Thank you Baturo Brothers Entertainment for making it a fun and memorable night!

Shan Mass Avatar
Shan Mass

positive review Best Dj out there. Made our Simcha a hit. We had the best time thanks to Mike:)

Sarah Alperin Avatar
Sarah Alperin

Mike was truly a pleasure to work with. He helped bring our plans and ideas to life. Mike did an amazing job DJing for our special day. He took our thoughts and considerations seriously and helped plan from beginning to end. He also supplied us with lights and entertainment for the whole night. Our wedding night truly would not have been the same without him and his team.

Sivan levy Avatar
Sivan levy

Best dj!!! Seriously can not go wrong ! He is so talented my guests and I had an amazing time

Alison Beda Avatar
Alison Beda

From beginning to end, DJ Mike was an amazing person to work with. He really catered to our specific requests and needs, and provided the right ambiance for my small, intimate wedding in Prospect Park. While I provided a list of some must-have songs, Mike quickly understood the vibe we were going for and was able to play and adjust to the mood of our guests. The lighting was festive, warm, and subtle enough to enhance the whole space without being too over-the-top. Reasonably priced, organized, and very professional. Would definitely re-hire for future events!

Oshra Valero Avatar
Oshra Valero

positive review Hire Dj Baturo for my wedding what a great experience highly recommend him!

Michael Bergida Avatar
Michael Bergida

positive review Awesome dj and would definitely recommend , he will cater exactly to your needs

Albert Beda Avatar
Albert Beda

positive review The Baturro Brother’s are absolutely 100% amazing. They are fun, exciting and definitely got the boys motivated and involved at my son’s bar mitzvah. They are a pleasure and easy to deal with… we DEFINITELY and HIGHLY recommend them!!! They will totally surpass your expectations!!!!
The Bentley Family
Brooklyn, NY

Shayna Bennett-Bentley Avatar
Shayna Bennett-Bentley

positive review We use Mike Baturo for many of our events and he never fails to give everyone an amazing time! He is so easy to work with and always so accommodating. Last night’s event was incredible and the music was definitely the best part! Mike is totally our go-to DJ!

Adina Posner Avatar
Adina Posner

I’ve been a fan of DJ Baturo’s work for a very long time! I would have booked him for my wedding if the MC we booked didn’t have his package with his own DJ. I got lucky to have DJ Baturo play at my 30th Birthday- and I’m so glad he did! We all had a blast! I gave him a list of some of the songs I wanted him to play and he incorporated them into his mixes. I definitely recommend DJ Baturo! He’s very talented and works well his clients.

Ellyn Katherine Shamalov Avatar
Ellyn Katherine Shamalov

Excellent you are amazing … great music great talent i will def call you for my next event !!!

Jen Bee Avatar
Jen Bee

positive review I was so happy with DJ Mike and his MC and his dancers. We used him for my daughter’s Bat Mitzva celebration. Everyone was very professional and really kept the party going! The lighting set up was beautiful and made my daughter feel very special. I HIGHLY recommend him and look forwsrd to booking him for my next simcha!

Beth Posner Ginsberg Avatar
Beth Posner Ginsberg

positive review I want to personally thank Baturo Brothers Entertainment for hosting my event with their professional DJ and MC service!
You kept the crowd and the dance floor going all night!
Keep it up and I highly recommend Baturo Brothers Event.

Samuel Abayev Avatar
Samuel Abayev

Bravo to the Barturo brothers on uplifting our son’s bar mitzvah experience. Very professional, and catered to the specific requests we asked of them. Never could have asked for a better DJ. 10/10 recommend.

Rifky Spira Avatar
Rifky Spira

positive review DJ Baturo was amazing at our sons Bar Mitzvah. Thank you for an amazing time. he got the crowd dancing and jumping. The entire night was bouncing. 5 star rating from our friends and family. 10 star rating from us **********

Moshe Alp Avatar
Moshe Alp

positive review Professional honest and will always do his best to make the client happy. Highly recommended!!!

Moise Beda Avatar
Moise Beda

positive review Best DJ ever!!!! So glad I picked DJ Baturo for my wedding, him and his crew did an amazing job. The music was great and the dancing never stopped. My husband and I along with all my guests really appreciated the amazing job they did. If you’re looking for a DJ he’s definitely the right choice!!!

Dina Yusupov-Shalamov Avatar
Dina Yusupov-Shalamov

positive review Very professional, takes your vision and makes it a reality and a pleasure to work with!!

Mirav Sor Avatar
Mirav Sor

positive review We recently had my son’s bar mitzva and we were very happy with Baturo Entertainment. Professional and caring, they kept in touch with all what we need till the day of the bar mitzva. We highly recommend them.

Ruby Abadi Kababieh Avatar
Ruby Abadi Kababieh

positive review Best in the business with prices for any budget. Will definitely use them again.

Gavriel Gavrielov Avatar
Gavriel Gavrielov

positive review Great staff – very knowledgeable !! Highly recommend. Also very involved in the community. Thank you for outstanding service!

Gabriel Prox Menashe Avatar
Gabriel Prox Menashe

DJ Baturo was amazing!! He did an amazing job making our wedding so special! He made the dance floor such a fun place to be! He is an absolute professional, and I would highly recommend him!

Asaf Mizrahi Avatar
Asaf Mizrahi

positive review Versatile and talented. What more can you ask for

Jason Levy Avatar
Jason Levy

positive review Very large and different music archive. Chooses songs like he knows the crowd personally for years. HIGHLY recommended!!!

Dima Sureman Avatar
Dima Sureman

DJ Baturo was absolutely fantastic! THANK YOU so much from the bottom of our hearts for enhancing our engagement party! I couldn’t imagine our party without him! We had a very diverse crowd, and he catered to the type of music we wanted him to play at the right moments. He is reasonably priced, and the lighting was exactly as we had requested. He was a huge hit amongst our party guests. Highly recommend !!

shaina t Avatar
shaina t

positive review Very professional, these guys do great business!

Danny Kh Avatar
Danny Kh

We hired them for my wedding and we couldnt be happier. They really worked with us to set up the night properly and read the crowd well. No body wanted to leave at the end of the night because they kept the crowd dancing. They were respectful, professional, and provided quality sound and light design. Thank you again!

Lauren Bahar Avatar
Lauren Bahar

Dj BATURO ! thank you so much for such an amazing 👏 event love the work that you didVery professional and amazing costemer serviceYou can’t have an alsome party with out good musicAnd Dj BATURO has that good music and good vibe to complete any event/party Thank you so much definitely a night to remember

avieli amar Avatar
avieli amar

positive review I would like to thank Mike Baturo from Baturo and High Volume DJs and MC Yoni for the fun and pumping music throughout the night! All of our guests were happy (and they’re super hard to please – especially the older generation wink emoticon !!) You listened to what we wanted and helped make it a truly enjoyable and fun night. So thank you for going out of your way to make Rachel and Judah’s wedding so beautifully upbeat!

Dayana Manashirova Avatar
Dayana Manashirova

positive review The best group to deal with. You want to have an unbelievable event turn out amazing you use the baturo brothers. They dont upset!!!

Elliot Shemesh Avatar
Elliot Shemesh

Best DJ out there !!! As an event planner I only use the best and all my clients are always beyond satisfied high volume productions are professional ,and knows how to make every party something to remember

Shani M. Davidowitz-Fradman Avatar
Shani M. Davidowitz-Fradman

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