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DJ Baturo has been rocking out dance-floors for over 12 years! The music he specializes in ranges from everything that is popular and beyond. With a passion of music mixing, DJ Baturo specializes in genres such as Jewish, Israeli, Top 40’s & Remixes, EDM, 80’s & 90’s , International (Arabic, Moroccan, Russian, Bucharian, Persian, Spanish, etc). If you have specific music that DJ Baturo doesn’t specialize in, we work with plenty of niche style DJs that we can offer!

It’s always best to have someone behind the microphone designated to hype the crowd up, make announcements, and keep the event running smooth and organized. We have multiple MC’s we work with depending on the event and kind of style we’re looking to aim for.

Fill up the stage and add some rhythm to the dance-floor with professional and interactive instrument players! We work with only the best performers such as drummers, darbuka/doira players, saxophonists, keyboardists, violinists, and singers. Live instruments with a DJ creates a classy, lively, and sensational musical performance.

Add more punch to the party by having an immense light show. High end lights are properly called “Intelligent Lighting” because it is able to be manually controlled. When your guests are settling in and enjoying the cocktail hour food, our light technician keeps the lights pointing still at the walls, floors, chandeliers and alike. When the dancing begins, we create a custom light show to add more energy!

Impress your guests with bright, colorful and a lively lighting experience that has high tech movements and displays. These high end lights are intelligent and are able to be controlled manually by our lighting technician. We can cover the whole room with light beams that add an extravagant effect with the music and entertainment. The options you have for lighting are limitless! 

This lighting package is a budget-friendly alternative if you just need something to add some color and fun effects to the dance-floor.

Make your guests say “WOW!” when they see the sparklers affect the room and scenes.  We provide 100% safe sparklers to make a dramatic effect on your first dance, grand entrance along with adding a lot of energy to the dance floor.

Powered by a large load of dry ice, this machine produces low lying fog that floods the dancefloor to make it look like you are dancing in the clouds. This effect is commonly used for the bride and groom’s “first dance” to add a cinematic and remarkable effect.

We have professional break-dancers who can put on a show! Almost every party has that circle where guests break it down, now you have a chance to show your guests something they never thought they would see!

We have a variety of open-air photobooths options for you to choose from! Keep your guests entertained with interactive photographers, photobooths with props, unlimited prints, and pictures that your guests can keep with them after the party.

Make your flower centerpieces pop out of the background by having a white pin spotlight pointing on it. We typically mount pin spots on the ceilings, walls or a pole and point it on centerpieces, buffet tables, cake and etc. 

You will be surprised how much LED uplighting can significantly change the way the room looks. We setup wireless LED Lights around the room and change it to virtually any color you want.

High-quality monogram name projection displayed on the wall or ceiling. We also offer moving pictures and 3D animated gobos.

Sing along with your guests with this Karaoke package using our bright projector that will display videos with lyrics on a 100” screen.

A classic confetti blast will make you feel like a star and it will certainly add excitement and cheer to your grand entrance, first dance, holiday parties, games and many more other special moments. We can choose any color, combination of colors and a variety of shapes.

Dramatically increase your visuals with ultra high end video walls that can display about anything. We have a designated Video DJ to control everything on the display.  Our 2 popular sizes are 12ft x 8ft and 8ft x 4ft. 

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